High Performance Solutions for your Business

From business IT & cloud computing to digital media and customer experience, ICIT is capable of transforming and enriching your brand’s digital presence.

The Challenge
We need a large number of different disciplines to manage digital. Digital is not just an IT or comms tool. It needs designers, developers, content writers, marketeers, project managers, data specialists and other experts. All must work together.

Unfortunately in many organizations the department structure gets in the way. Different specialists work within different business silos limiting collaboration. Departments are often in competition for limited resources and relationships are tense.

Our Difference
ICIT Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Strategists, designers and technologists work together throughout the duration of a project.

Each discipline is always involved, though at varying levels. We place greater emphasis on strategy up front, relying more heavily on design while concepting, and development during the build. The office layout supports this collaborative approach. Strategists and designers sit next to developers and producers — there are no silos or barriers to overcome. Disciplines are in constant communication.

End-to-end solutions.
Our services range from business and technology strategy and operations to enterprise application services to data warehousing and business intelligence to testing, ERP, social CRM and emerging platform solutions. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver real results.

What’s your primary challenge?

Dealing with new market entrants, merging the online/mobile/physical store experiences, maintaining consumer relevance, dealing with the data explosion, using smart products to create new services.

Conversion rate optimization is by all means an effective way to acquire new registrations, subscriptions and customers. But imagine how powerful a combination of SEO and CRO could be?